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EPICOR ERP Support and Customization for Manufacturing

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Epicor ERP Custom & Integration Software Solutions

For many manufacturing and distribution companies with specific application requirements, their basic Epicor ERP system is not enough. SimpliERP knows software, and with our proven expertise, we will build custom functionality for Epicor ERP software to meet your unique business and manufacturing processes. We can automate workflows, create or improve modifications, integrate, import or export data with custom modules – and all will run seamlessly within Epicor Solution and for your business.

Epicor ERP

Epicor Consulting

Every SimpliERP Consultants have a minimum of 10 years of specific expertise, from finance, engineering, manufacturing, production planning, and operations, to mention a few. We are Epicor ERP software experts and work in collaboration with your team through a guided implementation process to achieve the best ROI from your ERP investment. Our solutions and services include the initial planning stage to expert guidance in the implementation, launch, custom software development and continued refinement of your manufacturing ERP software.

We make sure to do whatever it takes to make our customers successful. As a custom software developer, we start by ensuring your system is consistent. We ensure this by being experts in Epicor ERP and providing the best service during the development cycle, which includes design, testing, QA/ testing, and training.

Custom Software Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

Sometimes to meet every requirement of your manufacturing organization requires specialized add-ons and custom extensions. Whether you are a local, national and sometimes an international operation, you may need to improve data integration that incorporates workflow and automates control.

Many times, the upfront cost of the integrated custom application will be realized in long-term savings, eliminating paperwork, clearer business performances and improved customer experience. Consider discussing your needs with SimpliERP.

We customize Epicor ERP solutions to create scalable, enterprise-wide ERP systems to automate critical processes and give essential data insights across on-premise, mobile, and web-based platforms giving real-time access to mission-critical data. Take a look at our custom software development services.

Custom Software Development Services

  • Custom Applications Development: Providing custom software development dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution industries. We design powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and unification.
  • Product Development: With over eight years of expertise behind us, SimpliERP knows how to build a custom solution from the ground up. Many times, our product development service balances out the initial investment and resources required for the new product development. In the long run, you’ll find you’re in a better position to stay focused on growing your business supported by custom product enhancements.
  • Integration of Enterprise Applications: When it comes to consolidations of new or old applications, this can often result in disruptions in otherwise reliable ecosystems. SimpliERP provides all the necessary services to help your manufacturing businesses continue to work and overcome integration challenges with microservices, APIs, data processing, workspaces, and portals.
  • Legacy Application Modernization: Our ERP consulting experts will perform an in-depth analysis of your legacy application and provide the best cost-solution for your outdated enterprise solutions. SimpliERP will work with you to help you increase overall productivity.

What we offer!

  • Cost-Effectiveness: You pay only for our software development services, and the SimpliERP system stays with you forever. No need to worry about buying licenses for new users or annual licensing costs.Quick and Responsive Support: We’re here when you need us! We believe in partnership, and that’s what you get – an exclusive partnership with SimpliERP.Integrated and Seamless Features and Functionality: Backed by our expertise, you get the exact custom software services you need within budget and on time.On and Off-Site Support: We’re available to support your system on and off-site. However, your business operates; we’ll be able to support it.

Examples of Epicor ERP Software Customizations by SimpliERP (NEW)

We’re proud to say we’ve developed several customization applications for our clients, such as production scheduling, planning system, and purchasing workflow automation.

The need to customize applications for a manufacturing plant are many. For example, one of our clients needed to improve their purchasing workflow automation. SimpliERP customized the application to complete a specific task, thereby shortening the time to do the job.

The customization for the production scheduling application was the need to facilitate collaboration between departments. The objective was to provide immediate visibility to sales, product design and supply chain. SimpliERP successfully customized our client’s application to help them remain competitive and adjust their production lines when needed.

Our Approach: Document and Identify Best Practices

As you can see, we work with you in partnership.

We ensure we are up-to-date with manufacturing best practices, and we continuously invest in our knowledge bank. As your ERP software partner, we will take the time to explain and demonstrate how our specific software solutions will address your particular business requirements. You’ll be involved in every step of the application customization project, from design, development, deployment, documentation to testing. Learn more; read about our approach

Benefits of Custom Software Solutions with Epicor ERP

  • Enhance Your Existing Processes with Increased User Functionality. SimpliERP will work with you to enhance processes for maximum user capabilities. Customize screens for specific users, add supplemental data for increased functionality, and create visibility that matches your manufacturing business needs.
  • Improve Communications with Customize Reporting and Schedule Processing with Specialized Applications. SimpliERP will customize your Epicor ERP software to meet specific manufacturing reporting and scheduling needs. You’ll be able to create and schedule specialized reports based on when and what you need, far beyond what is already included in the standard applications of Epicor ERP software.
  • Maximize Data Efficiency with Controlled Data Integration. We’ll properly manage the data flow of your Epicor ERP system with customized integration solutions developed by SimpliERP. These solutions provide data flow efficiency and control, as well as the ability to monitor all types of data needed to improve productivity.

Benefits of Epicor

Epicor ERP is highly capable of meeting the needs of many vertical manufacturing industries. That’s why SimpliERP is a trusted independent Epicor ERP consultant and has implemented and supported Epicor ERP solutions across Quebec and Ottawa and for many businesses.

Some of the most pertinent features that manufacturers will find enticing in Epicor are:

  • Support for global operations with comprehensive multisite capabilities
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting functionality to minimize obsolescence
  • Embedded robust quality management to support stringent traceability requirements
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM) for sophisticated engineering intensive product control

Change Management

SimpliERP offers more than custom software applications. Implementing or upgrading an ERP project can mean guiding our clients and helping them improve and introduce new business processes. We support manufacturing operations through crucial change management strategies during an Epicor project. Services include implementing training plans to close learning gaps as well as providing a set of tools and methodology that everyone in the company can adopt with confidence and ensure those impacted by process change are empowered, willing and able to make changes effectively.

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SimpliERP works with small to medium-sized manufacturing and distribution clients. We are incredibly proud to serve many customers in various manufacturing industries. Take a look!

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SimpliERP’s team is attentive to our requirements, timelines and budget and has consistently delivered our solutions on time and within budget. Well served for overflow routine maintenance.




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Their understanding of Epicor and custom development expertise delivered powerful interactive tools that improved the user experience, automated several tasks and facilitate change management.


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We are a proud Microsoft Silver Application Partner.

We strive for excellence! We believe in delivering a reachable, comprehensive solution for our customer’s application needs. This mission unites the people at SimpliERP and why we continuously invest in our knowledge bank. We are pleased to showcase our Microsoft Silver Certified Partner badge!

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