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Microsoft SQL Database Optimization

MS SQL Developers & Consulting Team

Dedicated Database Administrator for MS SQL and MySQL

SimpliERP Offers Remote or Onsite SQL DM Services

Your data is essential. But managing several databases and on different platforms with different versions is difficult. It is the task for SimpliERP, a Microsoft Silver Partner.

Since the SQL 2005 version SimpliERP has delivered top quality technical architecture, programming, testing and solutions for complex problems–on-time and within budget.

We have a team of SQL server database administration experts whose primary focus is to deliver comprehensive solutions, improve performance and optimize your database. Our SQL Server database admin team is dedicated to SQL Server Success. Your success is made possible due to our experts offering ten years of expertise in database solutions and over 20 years in software development. We are located in Montreal and provide MS SQL consulting solutions throughout Canada.

MS SQL Database Solutions

Our team of MS SQL developers are flexible, and we can work on independent projects, remote or with your IT team. SimpliERP can do these database solutions for you:

  • SQL Database Design and Development
  • Remote SQL DBA Services
  • Database Administration and Recurring Scheduled Maintenance Services
  • SQL Data Migration
  • Emergency SQL DBA Support & Trouble-shooting
  • Database Optimization

Plus, our Microsoft SQL consulting team can provide development, administration and support all versions of MS SQL Server – SQLServer 6.5, SQLServer 7, SQLServer 2000, SQLServer 2005, SQLServer 2008, MS SQL 2012, MS SQL 2014 and MS SQL 2016.

Cost-Effective SQL Server Projects

Our accredited Microsoft SQL server consultants have hands-on experience across the entire SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform suite of technologies. We’ve worked in many DBA development projects that required a detailed database design, including preparing database documents, corporate standards, and optimizing queries and UDFs.

You get cost-effective database solutions, increased productivity while maintaining the highest degree of stability and efficiency.

SimpliERP Microsoft SQL server consultants help to control costs

It’s simple, SimpliERP is your partner offering highly specialized services. All of our SQL DBA projects are designed to be efficient, sustainable, and agile, so you get faster queries, lower maintenance costs, and the flexibility to modify your databases when you need to.

From working on your complete SQL Server solution or providing backup and overflow support, you get our knowledge base and combined expertise from different manufacturing projects.

You also receive a dedicated SimpliERP SQL server consultant assigned to your project and work in collaboration to learn all the details of your server and operational requirements.

Seamless Migration to MS SQL

While data migration is a complex activity, deserving a separate project, approach, budget, and team, SimpliERP will work quickly, securely and reliably to migrate your old, slow database onto MS SQL. Working in collaboration with you, we will improve data performance and work better for your business.

Data migration services, including all phases of configuring and managing a complex migration process into MS SQL:

  • Database migration from MS Access database to MS SQL
  • Export Excel spreadsheets into MS SQL database
  • Export CSV files into MS SQL database

Specializing in Microsoft Database for Small to Medium Sized Operations

SimpliERP specializes in Microsoft SQL for the manufacturing industry. We have the right solutions and work with small to medium-sized operations. Whether you have ten users or 10,000, our Microsoft SQL consulting team will design the right solution for your manufacturing operations.

You can trust our Microsoft SQL Server consulting team to provide solutions using Microsoft’s best practices. Based on the services you need, SimpliERP can also provide architecting, deploying, and mentoring your Senior IT staff.

Remote SQL Database Services

SimpliERP offers a comprehensive list of SQL DBA services and best solutions to suit your budget and business goals, including on-call emergency DBA support to the full range of services.

SQL Database Design and Development

We can work remotely or on-site to architect efficient database solutions. Our process and methodology are based on best practices and years of expertise. From designing the database foundation, upgrading your database or working in partnership with your IT developers, our work is guaranteed to meet your goals.

Microsoft SQL Server Maintenance Plans

After many years in providing SQL DBA services, we know that a custom maintenance package will make your database work at top performance. The maintenance package includes deployment, installation, documentation and backup services. Maintenance services are provided remotely; with monthly reporting and peace of mind, your databases are in expert hands.

SQL Server Performance Tuning

As part of your maintenance package, SimpliERP will provide ongoing reports concerning your databases, whether they require an update or an upgrade. As your company grows, so too should your databases. Once you decide to move forward, SimpliERP will conduct performance tuning to get your databases working quickly and efficiently again.

Emergency SQL DBA Support

No one wants a database disaster. We’ve worked on sever outage, unresponsive database, to service interruptions, and our 24/7 Emergency SQL DBA Support is there when you need us. The remote DBA experts at SimpliERP is available day or night. We will quickly identify the problem and implement the best solution to get your SQL Server running smoothly again.

More importantly, once we’ve diagnosed the issue or cause, we will recommend a proactive strategy to make sure you are protected from a database disaster not happening again.

Flexible SQL DBA Service Offering

Our service offerings are designed to be flexible and offer a substantial return on investment. Do call us today for a free SQL free consultation and explore your options. Or, SimpliERP is ready to visit your site and provide a one-day analysis – free! Learn More!


SimpliERP works with small to medium-sized manufacturing and distribution clients. We are incredibly proud to serve many customers in various manufacturing industries. Take a look!

Excellent Service!

SimpliERP’s team is attentive to our requirements, timelines and budget and has consistently delivered our solutions on time and within budget. Well served for overflow routine maintenance.




Powerful Tools!

Their understanding of Epicor and custom development expertise delivered powerful interactive tools that improved the user experience, automated several tasks and facilitate change management.


Process improvement and IT Manager


We are a proud Microsoft Silver Application Partner.

We strive for excellence! We believe in delivering a reachable, comprehensive solution for our customer’s application needs. This mission unites the people at SimpliERP and why we continuously invest in our knowledge bank. We are pleased to showcase our Microsoft Silver Certified Partner badge!

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